Who is Lenny Kravitz Dating? Is He Dating Someone in 2024?

Leonard Kravitz, born on May 26, 1964, is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. He was born in New York City to Sy Kravitz, a TV news producer, and Roxie Roker, an actress. Kravitz got an early introduction to the entertainment industry due to his parents’ professions. From a young age, Lenny showed a strong interest in music. As a teenager, he started his music career, blending various styles such as rock, funk, reggae, hard rock, soul, and R&B.

Recently a lot of his fans have been taking an interest in his mysterious dating life and want to know if he’s single or not because he is one of the biggest stars in the music industry if you’re also one of his fans looking for his relationship status, then you’re in the right place.

Keep reading this article to know everything about Lenny Kravitz’s dating life.

Who is Lenny Kravitz Dating?

As of February 2024, Leonard Kravitz, the singer, doesn’t seem to be dating anyone, or he might be choosing to keep his romantic life private. The most recent dating rumor was in March 2023 when he was speculated to be romantically involved with Mexican model Ana Paula Valle. They were seen shopping together in Hollywood, but neither of them confirmed the romance publicly.

In November 2023, Lenny Kravitz shared his challenges with infidelity in relationships during an interview with Esquire. He explained that feeling confident in choosing the right person was often difficult for him. Despite these struggles, he mentioned that he has improved over time and expressed optimism about the possibility of another marriage in the future.

Lenny Kravitz expressed, “The desire has always been there. The tools to achieve that desire have not always been available. I’ve grown, become stronger, more disciplined, and more open to making it happen. But figuring it out has been a challenging journey for me.”

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When Was Lenny Kravitz Married to Lisa Bonet?

Lenny met Lisa at a New Edition concert in 1985. The rockstar and Cosby Show actress were friends for two years before they started dating. Lenny and Lisa eloped in Las Vegas in November 1987 and welcomed daughter Zoë Isabella

The couple declared their separation in 1991, yet Lenny Kravitz expressed his enduring love for Lisa Bonet in an interview with The New York Times. Their divorce was finalized in 1993, but the specific reasons for their split were not disclosed. Despite parting ways, they maintained an amicable relationship. In January 2024, Lenny shared with People that Lisa would “never leave” his heart, emphasizing that the love endured. He spoke about consciously redirecting their feelings to create a new and positive connection in their post-split friendship.

Who Else Has Lenny Dated?

Following his divorce from Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz had a series of relationships. In 1991, he briefly dated Kylie Minogue, although details about their romance remain private. Lenny then dated Vanessa Paradis from 1992 to 1997, and they lost contact after their split.

In the early 2000s, Lenny had a surprising relationship with Nicole Kidman, which only became public knowledge in 2017 when Nicole revealed they were briefly engaged. Nicole, who later worked with Lenny’s daughter Zoë on Big Little Lies, mentioned, “I knew Zoë because I was engaged to her father. It’s all in the family!”

Subsequently, Lenny began dating Adriana Lima in 2001, and they got engaged in 2002. However, the engagement was called off in 2003. Finally, there were reports of him dating model Barbara Fiahlo from 2017 to 2018.


The article delves into Lenny Kravitz’s dating life, revealing his decision to maintain privacy as of February 2024. While it briefly mentions a 2023 dating rumor, it emphasizes Lenny’s desire to keep his romantic affairs out of the public eye. Despite his fame, Lenny’s approach to dating remains discreet, with past relationships including Lisa Bonet, Nicole Kidman, and Adriana Lima. Through various engagements and friendships, Lenny navigates his personal life with a sense of privacy and respect.

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