Alexia Putellas: Who Shares Her Heart? Discovering Her Partner

Alexia Putellas is a Spanish professional footballer known for her exceptional skills on the field. Born on February 4, 1994, in Mollet del Vallès, Spain, she has become a prominent figure in women’s football, showcasing versatility, agility, and leadership. As a midfielder for both FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team, Putellas has earned numerous accolades and captivated fans with her dynamic playstyle and dedication to the sport.

Because of her remarkable success and significant fan base, particularly among women, people are curious about Alexia Putellas’s personal life and whether she’s in a relationship. So, if you’re one of those eager fans wanting to know who Alexia Putellas is dating and her relationship status, keep reading this article. We’ll provide you with all the details about Alexia Putellas’s romantic life.

Unlocking the Relationship: Who is Alexia Putellas’s Partner?

alexia putellas partner

Alexia Putellas, the celebrated Spanish footballer, has openly embraced her identity as a lesbian, sharing a fulfilling and joyful relationship with Olga Rios.

Their commitment to each other was confirmed after speculation arose in 2022 when Putellas shared a picture of them together.

While details about Olga remain undisclosed, their partnership exemplifies love and happiness.

Despite her fame, Putellas values privacy regarding her personal life, including past relationships and plans for the future.

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Love on the Field: Alexia Putellas’s Dating Journey

alexia putellas partner

Since 2022, Alexia Putellas has shared a committed relationship with Olga Rios, confirming their bond. Prior to Rios, Putellas dated her Barcelona club-mate, Jennifer Hermoso, who she narrowly surpassed for the Ballon d’Or in 2021.

Despite their past romance, both players maintain privacy regarding their personal lives, often attending Madrid’s annual Pride event together.

With a longstanding history of playing alongside each other, Hermoso, Spain’s top goalscorer, and Putellas, the most capped player in the national team’s history, their relationship dynamics have added depth to their professional careers, contributing to their shared success in women’s football both on and off the field.

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Alexia Putellas has been in a committed relationship with Olga Rios since 2022, confirming their partnership. Previously, she dated Jennifer Hermoso, her Barcelona club-mate, with whom she shared a private romance despite their professional success in women’s football.

Both Putellas and Hermoso keep their love lives discreet, often attending Madrid’s annual Pride event together. Their relationship dynamics have added an intriguing layer to their careers, given their shared experiences on and off the field, contributing to their achievements in the sport.

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