Who is Florance Pugh Dating? Is The Famous English Actress Dating Someone?

Florence Rose Pugh, born on January 3, 1996, is an English actress known for her compelling performances. She stepped into the world of acting in 2014 with her debut in the drama film “The Falling.”

Pugh rose to prominence in 2016 with her captivating portrayal of a young bride in the independent drama “Lady Macbeth,” which earned her a British Independent Film Award. Additionally, she garnered praise for her role in the miniseries “The Little Drummer Girl” (2018).

Who is Florance Pugh Dating?

Who is Florance Pugh Dating

Florence Pugh and boyfriend Charlie Gooch have called it quits after a year of dating, reportedly due to Pugh’s bustling Hollywood career. Their romance, which blossomed at the end of the previous year, couldn’t withstand Pugh’s demanding schedule and other factors.

Despite the split, there’s no animosity between them, leaving open the possibility of reconciliation down the road. Pugh’s representative is yet to comment on the matter.

Before Gooch, Pugh was in a relationship with Zach Braff, which ended discreetly after starting in 2019. Pugh has lamented the public scrutiny surrounding her relationships, underscoring the complexities of maintaining privacy in the glare of Hollywood’s spotlight.

Florance Pugh Dating History

Florence Pugh’s Dating History Unveiled in 6 Clicks

1.Starting with Zach Braff: Florence Pugh’s romantic journey commenced with actor Zach Braff, who publicly praised her performance in Lady Macbeth. Despite facing scrutiny over their age gap, they stood by each other for three years until their quiet breakup in 2022.

2. Quiet Separation: Amidst rumors, Pugh shared insights into their breakup with Harper’s Bazaar, highlighting the challenges of maintaining privacy in a high-profile relationship.

3.Brief Encounter with Will Poulter: While with Braff, Pugh was linked to her Midsommar co-star, Will Poulter. However, she swiftly dismissed the speculation, clarifying their platonic friendship despite misleading photos.

4.Romance with Charlie Gooch: Pugh’s relationship with photographer Charlie Gooch blossomed in late 2022, but ended by October 2023 due to her demanding schedule and other undisclosed factors.

5.Speculations with Paul Mescal: Following sightings together post-BAFTA, rumors swirled about Pugh and actor Paul Mescal’s possible romance. However, neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, leaving fans intrigued.

6.Paul Mescal’s Background: Mescal, known for his stage and screen roles, including The Lost Daughter, continues to ascend in the entertainment industry, with upcoming projects adding to his acclaim.


Florence Pugh’s dating life has intrigued many, particularly her three-year relationship with Zach Braff, which they kept private despite criticism. She was briefly linked to co-star Will Poulter and later dated photographer Charlie Gooch until their 2023 split. Rumors about her and actor Paul Mescal circulated but were never confirmed. Throughout, Pugh has balanced her personal and professional life, navigating public scrutiny with discretion.

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