Duke Riley is Romantically Involve With Actress & Singer Keke Palmer

Duke Riley, is a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. He played college football at LSU and was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2017 before joining the Dolphins in 2020. Riley is known for his agility and dedication on the field, and he’s also involved in philanthropic efforts to make a positive impact in his community.

Given Duke Riley’s popularity and achievements, especially among his fans, there’s considerable interest in his personal life and relationship status. If you’re one of those eager fans wanting to learn more about who Duke Riley is dating and his romantic involvement, stay tuned. In this article, we’ll delve into Duke Riley’s romantic life and provide you with all the details you’re curious about.

Who is Duke Riley Dating?

Who is Duke Riley Dating

Speculation is circulating regarding a potential romantic involvement between Keke Palmer, the renowned actress of ‘Nope,’ and NFL star Duke Riley. The rumors gained traction when a fan shared images on social media, seemingly capturing Duke in the background during their encounter with Keke. Despite neither party confirming the relationship, their interaction on social media has further fueled the speculation.

The intrigue sparked when a fan posted photographs of their meetup with Keke Palmer, with Duke Riley appearing in the background. This ignited speculation about the nature of their relationship across the internet. The curiosity deepened when Keke shared a video on Instagram featuring Duke’s new song, “Smooth Like Hitch,” demonstrating her support for his work. This gesture, along with their mutual following on Instagram, has prompted many to ponder the potential of a burgeoning romance.

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Duke Riley Dating History

Who is Duke Riley Dating

Duke Riley, the Miami Dolphins linebacker, chose to live his life with the words “live once” tattooed over the knuckles of both hands. Following the birth of his daughter, River, with his fiancée Julieanna Marie Goodard, known as YesJulz, the phrase gained deeper significance for them.

However, after about a year since their engagement, the couple has now parted ways. YesJulz announced her newfound single status on Instagram, expressing her readiness to embrace new opportunities.


Who is Duke Riley Dating

Fans of Duke Riley, the NFL linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, are intrigued by his dating life and relationship status. With his popularity and success, particularly among women, there’s a keen interest in who Duke Riley is romantically involved with.

Recent speculation surrounded his engagement to Julieanna Marie Goodard, known as YesJulz, which reportedly ended after about a year. YesJulz’s announcement on Instagram about her single status sparked further curiosity about Duke Riley’s dating life among his fans.

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