Don Toliver Girlfriend Kali Uchis Pregnancy News Going Viral

Caleb Zackery Toliver, known professionally as Don Toliver, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter . He rose to prominence with his guest appearance on Travis Scott’s album “Astroworld” (2018), just a day after dropping his debut solo mixtape, “Donny Womack.” Shortly after, Toliver signed with Scott’s Cactus Jack Records in partnership with Atlantic Records. His singles “No Idea” (2019) and “After Party” (2020) achieved significant success, both entering the Billboard Hot 100 and earning triple platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Given his remarkable success and widespread fan base, particularly among women, many are intrigued by Don Toliver’s personal life and relationship status. If you’re among the eager fans seeking insights into Don Toliver’s romantic life, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Don Toliver’s relationships and shed light on his current relationship status. Stay tuned to discover more about Don Toliver’s romantic endeavors.

Who is Don Toliver Dating?

Who is Don Toliver Dating

Kali Uchis and Don Toliver are anticipating the arrival of their first child, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. Their romantic journey commenced in 2021, as confirmed by People magazine. Uchis joyfully shared her pregnancy announcement through the music video for “Tu Corazon Es Mio,” expressing eagerness to embrace parenthood with Toliver. The heartwarming video captures their ultrasound experience and intimate moments together, resonating deeply with fans.Their relationship blossomed publicly after appearing together in the music video for “Drugs N Hella Melodies” in 2021. Toliver, in an interview with W Magazine, disclosed their relationship status and his connection with Uchis’ family. The couple’s collaboration extended beyond music, with their track “Fantasy” offering insights into their journey as partners. Toliver candidly addressed the challenges of maintaining a relationship amidst busy schedules and conflicts.

Despite previous associations with other artists, Uchis and Toliver’s bond captivates attention, with Uchis receiving acclaim for her collaborations with renowned artists like Steve Lacy and SZA. Uchis’ latest album, “Orquideas,” released on January 12, 2024, has garnered widespread acclaim, showcasing her artistic evolution and featuring notable guest appearances.As they embark on this new chapter of parenthood, Uchis and Toliver’s love story continues to inspire fans worldwide, celebrating the beauty of commitment and shared experiences.

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Don Toliver Dating History

Who is Don Toliver Dating

Don Toliver’s public dating history primarily centers around his relationship with Kali Uchis. Their relationship became known to the public around 2021 when they appeared together in the music video for their collaborative project, “Drugs N Hella Melodies.” Following the release of the music video, Toliver confirmed their relationship in an interview with W Magazine.Before his relationship with Kali Uchis, there is limited publicly available information about Don Toliver’s romantic involvements. As celebrities often maintain privacy regarding their personal lives, specific details about Toliver’s dating history before his relationship with Uchis are not widely known or documented.


Who is Don Toliver Dating

The article explores the relationship journey of musical artists Kali Uchis and Don Toliver, who recently announced their impending parenthood. Kali Uchis unveiled her pregnancy through a music video, expressing excitement about starting a family with Don Toliver.

The couple’s romance began around 2021, with their collaboration on “Drugs N Hella Melodies” sparking dating rumors, later confirmed by Toliver in an interview.

Their relationship, highlighted in songs like “Fantasy,” navigates the complexities of love and partnership, amidst Toliver’s acknowledgment of relationship challenges. Kali Uchis’ latest album, “Orquideas,” received acclaim, marking another milestone in her artistic journey. Don Toliver’s dating history beyond his relationship with Uchis remains relatively private, with limited public information available.

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