What’s the Latest on Brooke Schofield’s Relationship Status?

In 2019, at the age of 27, Brooke made the leap from Arizona to Los Angeles with aspirations of making it big in acting. While she scored roles in films like “Leave Him in the Dust” and “Hook, Line, Sinker,” subsequent auditions proved elusive, leading her to spend three years waitressing. Alongside her longtime best friend, YouTuber Tana Mongeau, Brooke ventured into the podcasting world, launching the popular “Cancelled” podcast in July 2021.

Due to her remarkable success and widespread fan base, particularly among her female audience, there’s a keen interest in her personal life and current relationship status. If you’re one of those enthusiastic followers eager to learn about who Brooke Schofield is dating, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the insights into Brooke Schofield’s romantic journey.

Who’s the Lucky Person in Brooke Schofield’s Love Life?

who is brooke schofield dating

Brooke Schofield is not dating anyone publicly. She gives no hints of any significant other in her life.

Brooke revealed her past relationship with comedian Matt Rife during a episode of the “Cancelled” podcast, where she alleged he was communicating with multiple women while they were together.

Despite this tumultuous experience, Brooke Schofield expressed contentment with her single life during a January 2024 interview with Bustle, highlighting her newfound confidence in asserting her needs in relationships.

She also shared insights on navigating dating apps as an influencer, appreciating the ability to gather information beforehand but acknowledging the challenges of maintaining privacy in the digital age.

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Curious About Brooke Schofield’s Dating History? Let’s Find Out!

who is brooke schofield dating

Brooke Schofield, a content creator and co-host of the “Cancelled With Tana Mongeau” podcast, has been transparent about her dating philosophy and past relationships.

She has openly discussed her involvement with comedian Matt Rife, whom she alleged cheated on her during their casual dating period.

Additionally, Schofield has been associated with musician Clinton Kane, although their current relationship status remains ambiguous.

Known for her candid conversations about her personal life, Schofield has expressed a longing for a committed relationship and has outlined her dating principles, including her guidelines for alcohol consumption on first dates and her preference for meeting potential partners through mutual connections or online platforms.

She has also emphasized the importance of her career in her romantic endeavors, being upfront with potential partners about her public persona and the possibility of their relationship becoming content for her podcast.

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Brooke Schofield, co-host of the “Cancelled With Tana Mongeau” podcast, is currently navigating her romantic life with openness and honesty. Following her past experiences, including a relationship with comedian Matt Rife, where she alleged infidelity during their casual dating phase, Schofield remains candid about her desires for a serious relationship.

While linked to musician Clinton Kane, the status of their relationship is unclear. Schofield’s commitment to transparency and her willingness to discuss her personal life on social media and her podcast highlight her approach to love and relationships.

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