Who Is Ethan Cutkosky Dating? A Look at His Relationships

Ethan Cutkosky is an American actor best known for his role as Carl Gallagher in the critically acclaimed television series “Shameless.” Born on August 19, 1999, in St. Charles, Illinois, Cutkosky began his acting career at a young age, appearing in commercials and landing small roles in films like “Fred Claus” and “The Unborn.” However, it was his role in “Shameless” that brought him significant recognition and fame. His portrayal of Carl, the rebellious and often unpredictable son of the Gallagher family, earned him praise for his versatility and depth as an actor. Beyond his work on television, Cutkosky is also involved in music and other creative projects, showcasing his diverse talents.

Due to his remarkable success and large fan base, especially among women, people are interested in his personal life and whether he’s in a relationship. So, if you’re one of those eager fans wanting to know who Ethan Cutkosky is dating and his relationship status, keep reading this article. We’ll give you all the details about Ethan Cutkosky’s romantic life.

Is Ethan Cutkosky in a Long-Term Relationship?

Ethan Cutkosky has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Brielle Barbusca, since 2015. Brielle Barbusca, who is 23 years old, has had roles in popular TV shows. She also made a brief appearance on “Shameless,” where Cutkosky gained fame for his role as Carl Gallagher.

Although the couple generally keeps their relationship private, Brielle has occasionally shared glimpses of their life together on her Instagram.

She has posted photos of them hiking and celebrating Valentine’s Day, suggesting that they enjoy spending time outdoors and living an active lifestyle.

After “Shameless” concluded in 2021, Cutkosky shifted his focus toward music, releasing singles like “Erase Me.” Despite his new career path, his relationship with Brielle Barbusca appears to be thriving.

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What Is Ethan Cutkosky’s Relationship History?

Ethan Cutkosky has been in a committed relationship with actress Brielle Barbusca since 2015 . The couple met when Brielle had a minor role on “Shameless,” where Ethan portrayed Carl Gallagher .

While they generally keep their relationship private, Brielle occasionally shares photos of them together on Instagram, including snapshots of their hikes and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

These glimpses suggest that they enjoy spending time outdoors and leading an active lifestyle.Before his relationship with Brielle, Ethan was linked to a few of his “Shameless” co-stars, such as Jaylen Barron and Morgan Lily.

However, these were likely brief on-screen connections rather than actual off-screen relationships.

Overall, Ethan Cutkosky’s dating history focuses on his long-term relationship with Brielle Barbusca, indicating a stable and committed partnership since 2015.

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Ethan Cutkosky is currently in a long-term relationship with actress Brielle Barbusca, which began in 2015. The couple met when Brielle had a minor role on “Shameless,” where Ethan starred as Carl Gallagher. They tend to keep their relationship private, but Brielle occasionally shares photos of them together on Instagram, suggesting they enjoy an active, outdoorsy lifestyle.

Before Brielle, Ethan had been linked to a few co-stars from “Shameless,” including Jaylen Barron and Morgan Lily, though these connections appeared to be brief and more related to their on-screen roles. Overall, Ethan’s relationship status indicates a committed partnership with Brielle Barbusca.

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