Is Christian Pulisic Secretly Married? Who’s the Lucky Lady?

Christian Pulisic is an American professional soccer player known for his roles as a winger or attacking midfielder for Serie A Club AC Milan and as the captain of the United States National team.

Pulisic’s dynamic playing style and impact both domestically and internationally highlight his promising career.

Due to his notable achievements and widespread popularity, especially among soccer enthusiasts, people are curious about Christian Pulisic’s personal life and his relationship status. If you’re one of those eager fans keen to learn about who Christian Pulisic is dating and his current romantic situation, continue reading this article. We’ll provide you with all the insights into Christian Pulisic’s romantic life.

Who is Christian Pulisic Secret Wife?

christian pulisic wife

As for his marital status, Christian Pulisic is currently unmarried. Although rumors suggest a potential Croatian connection, their relationship status remains unconfirmed.

Pulisic remains focused on his professional career, leaving any official announcements about his personal life to the future.

Now Christian Pulisic is presently a player for AC Milan, having signed a four-year contract with the club in 2023. His move to AC Milan came after facing challenges in securing playing time at Chelsea. Focusing on his career.

Christian Pulisic remains unmarried, and also according to the latest available information, he does not have a wife. The American professional soccer player has a penchant for keeping his personal life private, and there are no public records indicating that he is married or has a wife.

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But Here’s the Twist in Christian Pulisic Dating Life

christian pulisic wife

Christian Pulisic has managed to keep his personal life private for the most part, but there have been some glimpses into his romantic life.

In 2021, during an MLS game between Inter Miami and Orlando City, cameras captured Pulisic seated next to a woman identified as Natalie Burkholder.

Speculation about their relationship arose due to various factors, such as her proximity to Pulisic and her wearing a Mateo Kovacic top, Pulisic’s teammate.

Additionally, Pulisic follows Burkholder on Instagram, suggesting a possible connection.

However, these observations aren’t conclusive evidence, as Burkholder could be a relative of Pulisic, especially given her choice of attire indicating potential Croatian heritage, which aligns with Pulisic’s background.

Despite the rumors, their relationship status remains unconfirmed, but time may reveal more about their connection.


Christian Pulisic, the American soccer star, is currently unmarried, with no public information about his marital status. He joined AC Milan in 2023 after struggling for playing time at Chelsea.

Pulisic prefers to keep his personal life private, but glimpses into his romantic life emerged in 2021 when he was seen with Natalie Burkholder during an MLS game. Speculation about their relationship arose, fueled by various factors, including Burkholder’s attire and Pulisic’s Instagram activity. However, their relationship remains unconfirmed.

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