Is Amelia Dimoldenberg Still Dating Any Celebrity? Who’s her Boyfriend?

Amelia Dimoldenberg is a British comedian, presenter, and writer best known for her hilarious and unconventional interview series “Chicken Shop Date.” With her unique blend of humor and charm, Dimoldenberg has captivated audiences with her witty interviews conducted in the unlikely setting of fast-food chicken shops, showcasing her talent for spontaneous and entertaining conversations. Her refreshing approach to comedy has earned her a dedicated following and cemented her as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Due to her remarkable success and widespread popularity, particularly among fans, there’s a significant curiosity surrounding Amelia Dimoldenberg’s personal life and relationship status. If you’re among those eager to learn about her dating life, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details about Amelia Dimoldenberg’s romantic endeavors.

Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg Infamous Boyfriend? Is She Still Dating him?

amelia dimoldenberg boyfriend

Amelia Dimoldenberg, the British comedian and presenter known for her unique interview series “Chicken Shop Date,” recently became single following her breakup with British rapper Aitch.

Their relationship, which began in March 2022, ended after just a month.

Despite an initial spark, both parties decided to part ways amicably, opting to remain friends.

Aitch expressed discomfort with Dimoldenberg’s dating life, particularly with other rappers, leading to their mutual decision to end the romantic aspect of their relationship.

They even exchanged matching “best friends” bracelets as a symbol of their commitment to maintaining their friendship.

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Exciting Dating History of Amelia Dimoldenberg

amelia dimoldenberg boyfriend

Amelia Dimoldenberg’s dating history features a notable relationship with British rapper Aitch, which commenced in 2019 and concluded in 2023.

Although their romance was officially announced in 2022, it ended after just a month, with both individuals opting to maintain a friendship.

Despite its brevity, their relationship garnered significant attention and speculation, particularly after Aitch confirmed their dating status through TikTok and social media posts.

Additionally, Dimoldenberg’s viral red-carpet encounter with actor Andrew Garfield fueled rumors of a potential romance.

However, currently, Amelia Dimoldenberg is single, following her breakup with Aitch.

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Amelia Dimoldenberg is currently single following her breakup with British rapper Aitch. Their relationship, which began in 2019 and officially started in 2022, ended just a month later, with both parties deciding to remain friends.

Despite the brief duration, their romance attracted considerable attention, fueled by Aitch’s confirmation of their dating status on social media. Additionally, Dimoldenberg’s viral encounter with actor Andrew Garfield led to speculation about another potential romance.

However, at present, Dimoldenberg is enjoying the single life after her breakup with Aitch.

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